As other wildly successful fashion bloggers flock to the capital to see and be seen, Erica Davies, creator of The Edited, has packed up shop and moved out of London to the countryside. It’s a decision that shows that this is a woman who marches, in style, to the beat of her own drum. It’s why we, and her seriously dedicated following, are such fans of both her and her witty, honest, colourful blog. We sat down with Erica to get more of her wisdom on interior design, travel and style.


You’re a writer, editor, stylist, blogger - where did your career start?

I started off as a fashion assistant on a BBC morning television show called Style Challenge, which involved me racing around London picking up clothes from the PR agencies. While I was there, I met the Fashion Director of The Mirror and went over to the paper as her fashion assistant, before I was poached three years later by The Sun to be their Fashion Editor. I was 24 years old and Fleet Street’s youngest ever fashion editor.

How did you come to start your blog, The Edited?

I was pregnant with my second child and had a meeting with a fashion brand who said they were working a lot with mummy bloggers. The whole mummy blogger genre didn’t necessarily chime with me, but something clicked. I loved the idea of writing about what I loved and keeping my creative juices flowing, while dealing with two babies at home.

You recently made the decision to move out of London – what prompted the move?

It was very much driven by family. My husband, until recently, was Head of News at The Sun, which was full-on, with long hours and lots of weekends spent working. He wanted more of a work-life balance and we both wanted the children to have more space and fresh air, yet for the two of us to be within an hour’s commute of London. It’s taken a while, but I love it now.

Have you seen your life change since leaving the capital?

It’s obviously not as easy popping in for meetings and press days – and there is a definite need for a good coffee shop! But apart from that, it’s been more positives than anything. My blog and instagram following keeps going up since we moved and I love the fact I can have a pretty amazing job while still being able to take the kids to the beach or for a run in the woods after school!


You obviously have an excellent eye when it comes to interiors, having recently been nominated for the Best Design Inspiration accolade at the Amara Interior Blog Awards. What inspired your design choices for your house renovation?

Thank you! I have always absolutely loved interiors and feel it’s the thing I’d have loved to do had I not worked in fashion. We moved into quite a modern, bland house, even though it’s in a Georgian style. But I saw the potential immediately. I wanted it to be colourful, fun and an inspiring place for the children to grow up. There’s lots more space and light than we had in our house in South London, so I feel I can be quite bold – hence the green carpets and palm fabrics! We’ve just started our kitchen project too – we’re knocking through into a conservatory and turning it into more of a family open plan space.

Spring is always the time when people start itching for a refresh. What are your key tips for giving your home a makeover without breaking the bank?

Adding a cushion (or three!) can make a big difference to the way you see the space. I’m very much into large houseplants, which add so much texture and colour. And go big on art – you don’t need to buy expensive pieces, sheets of bold wrapping paper work just as well.

We love reading your blog because it’s full of colour and print –  both for your home and wardrobe.  Have you always been a lover of bold pieces?

Yes I’m a big fan of a statement whether it’s homes or fashion. I’ve tried to be a cool, Scandi minimalist but I can’t do it – I just keep adding more!





What are going to be the first things in your suitcase this summer?

I always pack a great scarf – it doubles up as a blanket if it’s chilly on the plane and adds a stylish layer to a plain travel outfit. I also always take a Japanese kimono that my brother took from a hotel in Tokyo about twenty years ago. It comes everywhere with me!

What pieces have you got your eye on from the new collection?

I LOVE the Kitty Leopard Print Ruffle Sleeve Shirt. I just adore the style – there is a real signature to them and it’s so lovely to find great pieces that make a statement yet look so chic. I can’t wait to wear them this summer.