Rose Lloyd Owen is reinventing the catering game with her company, Peardrop London. After quitting her job as a talent agent, Rose founded Peardrop in her kitchen in 2013 and a few short years later is serving up her colourful, innovative and supremely delicious creations to some of London’s biggest companies. Having catered Creative Director Alice Stone’s Cotswolds wedding, we insisted that she share all her gastronomic secrets to help us brighten up our kitchen table this sum


How did Peardrop London come about?

I was never really cut out for an office job, but I slogged on throughout my 20s, beating myself up when I made mistakes. All the while, I was either cooking like crazy or desperate to get back in the kitchen. Everyone in my family works for themselves and I had always watched enviously. I turned 30 and I realised I just had to scratch the itch.

You spent a year in Rome. What is it about Italy that you love and how does it inspire your cooking?

One word: pasta! Italians are puritans and they don’t mess around with their recipes, which have remained unchanged for generations. They rely on the quality of their ingredients to speak for themselves. I love the simplicity of Italian cooking and the way one or two bold flavours can rule a dish. Sometimes I feel that if our produce was a little more sunkissed, we wouldn’t have to do much either!



Your food is almost too beautiful to eat. What do we need to do to get our dishes look as profesh?

I love a good garnish; it brings the plate alive. Think about colours on the plate. Finely chopped coriander and chilli on top of mozzarella, a blue edible flower, a dollop of yogurt on top of squash or beetroot finished with some black sesame seeds. I love creating a bit of height too – my waiting staff hate me as I always make them tip toe out with canapes so nothing falls over!

What are your top tips for success when hosting a large dinner party? 

Enjoy it, it’s meant to be fun! Cook something easy, make sure everyone has lots to drink and don’t worry about the mess! Wish I could take me own advice though, I always feel like I have to make an effort because my friend’s are always expecting something awesome. The other day I served soup at a dinner party and everyone looked really disappointed!