Designer and mother of three, Savannah Miller, has had an illustrious career in fashion. From her early career at fashion houses like Alexander McQueen, to designing for her own label, Savannah is a woman who knows what she wants in her wardrobe. When she popped into our studio, we chatted to the queen of cool on her style history.

Do you think that your upbringing has affected your style?

We travelled a lot as children and we had a very eclectic upbringing. My mum is a true bohemian of the 70’s, and so there were always new artists and musicians wandering in and out. I think it absolutely has affected the way that I dress because I’m quite a collector, so I like to take pieces from here and there, from different eras and different styles and mash it all together to create something that’s mine.

 How do you approach putting an outfit together?

When I’m putting an outfit together, I’m generally in a mad rush because I’ve got a crazy life with all these kids, so I don’t think about it too much. I will inevitably wear jeans every single day of the week. If I’ve got something slightly smarter to go to I will go for a black pair of jeans, or if I’m wearing a really scruffy pair of jeans I will put a tailored top with them and a heel to bring my outfit into a smarter remit. Things like the Lily and Lionel shirts are complete go-to, wonderful staple pieces that I will literally live in because they’re doing so much already - it’s got a great print, a great shape, it’s relaxed and comfortable.



Portrait of Savannah's three children

 What is the best piece of styling advice you have been given?

The biggest piece of style advice I have absorbed is to dress for you. Ultimately the clothes you wear are a direct reflection of who we are. The biggest thing for me is to not feel dictated to by trends, to pick and choose things that you like and that feel relevant to you as a person. And another thing which I find really important is to iron your clothes. It’s very basic but can completely transform an outfit.

 Top picks from the A/W ’15 collection?

I love the leather biker jacket. It feels so loved, like a really classic piece that you’re going to have in your wardrobe forever. The leather is so buttery, and there’s nothing like a silk lining - it really does affect the experience. It’s got attitude, but also has a chicness and elegance.

The quality of the cloth of the Isla Putty Silk Shirt is insane. Because the base cloth is so beautiful, it adds a three dimensional quality and the prints really come to life.

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