We’ve long been fans of Honestly Healthy’s recipes and aren’t ashamed to say we obsessively stalk its Instagram for new tips and tricks to keep our mealtimes delicious yet nourishing. So we were delighted to step into the kitchen of self-taught chef and founder Natasha Corrett to learn about what started her career and how to make the ultimate cup of tea. 

How did you get started cooking?

It was a bit of a mistake, actually. At the time, I was organising yoga retreats and one day, one of my chefs didn’t turn up so I had to roll my sleeves up in the kitchen. It wasn’t alien to me, because my father and grandfather both owned restaurants and my summers were spent working in the kitchens. I loved all the food I got to try, but then I felt sluggish and bloated.  When I was with my mum on the other hand, I felt great because she was very healthy, but I hated the food. That inspired me to start Honestly Healthy - to bring together my love of food and of being healthy.

When you’re hosting a dinner party, what do you wear to feel comfortable in the kitchen?

I need to make sure that I’m not wearing anything too restrictive that I’m going to feel uncomfortable in, as it all just goes horribly wrong when you start serving the food. I love the Lily and Lionel silk shirts and t-shirts, because they are really free, but you can throw on a pair of jeans and heels and still feel glam. I’m normally bare foot though – I’ll stick some heels on when people arrive but they usually get thrown off about 5 minutes later.



What are your home comforts?

I’m addicted to rooibos tea. My sister Savannah got me into it years ago. Whenever I go and stay with her, she always makes me a cup of really milky rooibos with honey in it and it reminds me of being in her home, which is always so homely and wonderful. Whenever I’m feeling unwell or tired, especially at the end of a long day, I always make a cup of rooibos. I even take rooibos tea bags away with me on holiday, just in case I can’t get them.

What is the most cherished item in your wardrobe?

Anything my grandmother gives me is really treasured; she has the most amazing style. About 10 years ago, when I first met Alice [Stone], my grandmother gave me this lovely old scarf. Alice said it was like my comforter because I used to have it on me all the time; it got dragged around everywhere, there were holes in it, the dog slept on it...Alice was obsessed with it and it was apparently one of the things that inspired her when Lily and Lionel first started.

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